This is an apparel project of my own design, executed and assembled with my own hands. The Zipper Pants [2023] are a pair of paneled leather pants, held together by zippers that stretch the length of the leg. This pair of pants consists of a total of nine zippers; the fly which extends up through the waistband and eight leg-length zippers that unzip from the bottom up.

The Zipper Pants were designed with the intention that the legs would be opened up from various sides for breathability and aesthetic choice. Their ability to open up allows for multi-temperal use; wear them in hot weather, temperate weather, or cold weather. They are made with real leather and so when closed they are thick, warm, and meant to fit the legs like snow pants.

The photoshoot was shot by Lucas Ansel and myself. The subjects were then cut out and composited into various environments using Blender and Photoshop. Modeled by Lily Joiner and Chris Arnold. 
White Leather
YKK #10 Zippers
Digital Camera

Final photoshoot compositions

Original shots used for final comps

Process – vinyl test pair then final leather pair